Using Alcohol Inks with Photopaper for Cards // DIY // Speed-Up-Video

A few days ago Tim Holtz presented the alcohol inks with his specialty papers & I was pretty amazed!

He also said, that it isn´t the same using normal photopaper with the alcohol inks... Well, I don´t have that special paper at home right now - so I gave it a try with my normal HP photopaper (because my printer is a HP). I also did use my selfmade alcoholinks with it - I made them out of Sharpies...
The links to the tutorials I did use you will find in the descriptionbox!

After that experiment I can surely say: Give it a try!

Have fun experimenting!


  1. Das sieht nach ner Menge Spaß aus ❤ sehr schöne Ergebnisse 👏👏😎


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